Member of the Board, MRB Hellas

Mr. Dimitris A. Mavros (Member of the Board, MRB Hellas S.A.) possesses wide knowledge and expertise in research project design and implementation, including primary data processing, sampling techniques, statistical analysis, and interpretation and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data. Mr. D. Mavros is established and distinguished in the market research industry, with references surpassing the domestic market, reaching an international level of recognition. A fact exemplified by the distinction he was awarded few years ago for his participation in the six-member Commission (England 1, France 2, USA 1, Greece 1, Germany 1) of E.SO.MA.R. (European Society of Market Research) with the aim of Revising the International Code of Ethics for Sociopolitical Research. He shows great interest in the research methodology and the preservation of the required quality standards according to the principles of excellence in market research.

Mr. Mavros is involved in the latter not only as the Member of the Board of MRB HELLAS S.A., but also as Chairman of the Association of Polls and Market Research Companies as well as an active member of other research institutions and organizations. Acquiring his Bachelor degree in Physics from the Physics-Mathematics University of Patras, he went on completing his Master’s in Automated Control Systems and specifying in the area of Statistics, Department of Electronics in the Physics-Mathematics University of Athens.

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