Businesses can no longer think of social and environmental issues as purely ethical considerations and deal with them through traditional philanthropic activities. Companies and investors are now looking for opportunities and ventures that can generate sustainable social impact and value to the economy and community they operate in.


Today’s consumers (and citizens) demand that business play a bigger role in solving the social challenges facing our communities and the world. Over 80% of millennial consumers say they consider a company’s actions in society when making a purchase; 60% would take a lower paying job to work at a company that was engaging society. Moreover, the power of social media puts companies at greater risk if they fail to engage. With this context in mind, the conference will highlight and exchange views on the capabilities and strategies that lead to success in this new environment.


How are companies evolving their approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

How are leading companies bringing CSR into their core strategies and developing metrics for business and social impact?

How are companies building successful partnerships and coalitions to tackle challenges at the intersection of business and society?


These topics and more are to be addressed during the forthcoming CSR and Social Impact conference.