Deputy Minister of Sports - Ministry of Culture and Sports

He was born in Zakynthos in 1963.
He is a licensed attorney in private practice since 1995.

During his studies at the Law School of Athens he was elected twice as president of the Law Student Union. He has been a member of the Committee of the Central Council of the National Student Union of Greece. He was an elected member of the Senate of the National University of Athens as well as student’s representative at the University Asylum Committee.

At the same period, he was an active member of the Central Council Office of the Hellenic Communist Youth “Rigas Fereos” (the Youth of the Internal Communist Party of Greece). In June 2012, he was elected an MP (Zakynthos region). He is a member of the Central Committee and the Zakynthos Prefectural Committee of Syriza.During his MP duties 2012-2015 he has participated in the: Continuous Committee of Public Administration, Law Order & Justice, Internal Affairs Subcommittee, European Issues Committee, Special Observatory Committee “European Court of the Human Rights” decisions.

He was also a Syriza party representative at the Special Committee on the preliminary exams of the Lagarde list (HSBC list of money laundry scandal in Greece).

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Stavros Kontonis, Deputy Minister of Sports, Ministry of Culture and Sports