CEO and Founder Fysiotek Spine & Sports Lab

Kakavas Georgios, Physio- Osteopath Sports Scientist ,Φυσικοθεραπευτής- Οστεοπαθητικός, Επιστήμες του Αθλητισμού, CEO and founder FYSIOTEK SPINE AND SPORTS LAB DC AK in SPORTs

January 2007 – Present (10 years 5 months) Georgios Kakavas was born in 1970 in Evia, Greece. After he graduated high school, he studied Sports Science and then he was specialized in Physical Therapy. Soon, he was interested not just in treatment and therapy, but more in injury prevention. For the past ten years his work is oriented in this field, of injury prevention.

He established the FYSIOTEK SPINE & SPORTS LAB, a clinic well-known among the athletes. Besides his work in the clinic, he continues his education on osteopathy (International Academy Of Osteopathy) and works on the following projects: INJURY PREVENTION SPORTS PROJECT Fysiotek sports lab works with elite athletes to maximize their performance and to prevent injuries with a unique holistic approach TRAIN ABOVE THE NECK project TRAIN ABOVE THE NECK is a brain challenge and decision making in sports project. SLEEP AND PERFORMANCE project SLEEP tracking and sports performance is a unique recovery strategy in the field of sports. HYPERBARIC CHAMBER AND HYPOXIA TRAINING in sports performance HYPERBARIC OXYGEN and HYPOXIA TRAINING are two concepts for rehab and maximizing performance in elite sports. INERTIA TRAINING AND INJURY PREVENTION INERTIA TRAINING becomes a tool in our injury prevention toolbox. BIG DATA AND INJURY PREVENTION BIG DATA and ALGORITHMS in sports injury prevention.

He has presented his projects and studies on several international conferences such as: ISOKINETIC FOOTBALL MEDICINE STRATEGIES. ECOSEP, EUROLEAGUE CLINICS, MTN NETWORK BARCELONA FC, ICOFS FIFA, FIFA SPORTS MEDICINE and more.

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