Member of Parliament, NEW DEMOCRACY / Head of the Education, Research and Religious Affairs Sector of ND

Niki K. Kerameus serves as a Member of the Hellenic Parliament (State Constituency) since January 2015 and as the Head of the Education, Research and Religious Affairs Sector of New Democracy, the main opposition party. She has previously served as Parliamentary Spokesperson and as the Responsible for the Administrative Reform and E-Government Sector of the ND Party. She is currently a member of  two Parliamentary Committees: the Standing Committee on Educational and Cultural Affairs and the Special Permanent Committee on the Penitentiary System and Other Forms of Confinement of Detainees.

Ms. Kerameus is a lawyer and a partner at Kerameus & Partners Law Firm in Athens (Greece), practicing mainly in the field of international arbitration. She has significant experience in international arbitration matters, in three different jurisdictions (Athens-Greece, Paris-France, New York-USA). Prior to joining Kerameus & Partners, she worked in the litigation department of the law firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP in New York on matters such as the Enron litigation and the AOL-Time Warner litigation.

She speaks fluently English, French and Greek, while has some knowledge of German. She is a graduate of the Harvard Law School (LL.M.) and the University Paris II (Panthéon-Assas) (Degree in law and Master’s degree in Private International Law and Arbitration; graduated first in both and summa cum laude).

She is a founding member and until 2015 President of the Non-profit Foundation “Desmos” (desmos.org), which locates surplus from companies and individuals to cover needs of Greece’s most vulnerable citizens and social welfare organizations.

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